Hi there! I'm Stephanie. I am the creator of Thrifty in the Burg! A blog I started in 2015 about becoming a thrifty couponing, budgeting expert. I am very passionate about saving people money. That is why I created my blog. I am here to offer my money saving knowledge to you,one on one. Ready to dive into your finances and give it a thrifty face lift?  Scroll down to see what I can offer you.

Stephanie Olsen

Creator of Thrifty in the Burg!
What I offer as a monthly financial coach:


 Debt Management/elimination

 Build an emmergency fund

 App and program suggestions

 Helpful online resources

 Daily email support

 One-on-one coaching via phone calls (2 per month) focused on   reducing expenses and increasing income

 Weekly check ins to keep you accountable

 Access to member only forums

 Break down all these financial aspects to simple, attainable goals

 Need a meal plan to help with your grocery budget? I can even help you come up with one! 

*All listed above is included in your Financial Freedom monthly subscription. If you are not interested in a monthly subscription, please contact me to talk about what else I can offer. I want to help you, and make the price fit your budget.



Contact Me

Tel: 435-609-3715

If you have any questions about hiring me as a money coach, please contact me in any way you feel most comfortable. I would love to answer any questions you have about the financial coaching process.

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